Home call and Huevos Rancheros

It tastes better than it looks. Really!

I know, it looks like someone put a knife and fork on the dog’s foodbowl.  But, actually, it was pretty tasty.  Then again, you can’t really go wrong with eggs and tortillas.
I was on home call all day today, which basically entails sitting at home all day and waiting for something to happen.  Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t, but it also means that you shouldn’t stray too far from home while you’re waiting.  Just in case.


This was something that I learned the hard way the first time I took home call.  Right before I put something in the oven, I got called to see a patient in the ER, and didn’t get home until two hours later.  So my rule for food while on home call has become:
1) Easy
2) Minimal cook time.
These certainly fill that bill.  They’re also not really breaking any culinary ground, and they’re really basically just a vehicle for whatever salsas, beans, or cheese that you buy at the grocery store.  But hey – they’re quick, warm, filling, with minimal cleanup.  I’ll take it.
I followed the recipe from Smitten Kitchen’s excellent blog that I am hopelessly addicted to.  It’s a pretty simple recipe, but she sort of trivializes the process of flipping the egg that perched on top of the tortilla.  It really DOES want to run off the tortilla, and so I (in a small panic) flipped it over really fast.  Which made uncooked egg kind of splash over the edge of the pan, and I found a little streak of partially cooked egg yolk on the stovetop.  But, if you look at her photos, she has little crusts of egg splash on the edges of her pan, so I figure that’s par for the course.
But they were, like I said, not a bad way to feed yourself while on home call.
By the way, in case you ever thought that the after-hours phone line at your doctor’s office connected you to a physician who is sitting in an office somewhere, twiddling his thumbs waiting for phone calls, well….no.  Usually the people who are answering those lines are at home or in the hospital, doing other things.  Like cooking huevos rancheros.
Cost: $.  Eggs and tortillas are cheap, and you can use whichever jarred salsas or refried beans or packaged cheese that you (or your wallet) want.
Active time: *.  Less than five minutes per egg.  Really, you can’t beat it.
Cleanup: *.  One pan and one spatula (and one stovetop).
2 Responses to “Home call and Huevos Rancheros”
  1. Evergrey says:

    I clicked on your link from SDN. Cool blog! It’s great to know about cheap, quick-to-cook foods. I am just starting med school in August, but I will follow your blog so I can find out about more simple ways to make delicious food. I am gonna try this huevos rancheros recipe sometime, sounds good and fun to cook. Plus, I love flipping things in pans. Bonus to do it in front of my friends — it always impresses them and makes them think I’m an awesome cook, even though I’m not!

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