Work snack

i.e. Almond Crack

A short and sweet post, since I’m trying to catch up from vacation.  (Yes, you get vacation as a resident.  And if you’re lucky, your program will even allow you to pick WHEN you want to take it!)  (No, I’m not kidding – some programs will assign you when you can take vacation.  Sucks.)


These almonds are covered in dark chocolate, but, more interestingly, sea salt and turbinado sugar.  Turbinado sugar, also known as raw sugar, is like brown sugar, but in bigger, separate, crystals.


These almonds are also insanely addictive, which makes them a good snack while catching up on hospital dictations. The combo of almonds, sweet chocolate, and the crunch from the turbinado sugar with the lingering saltiness from the sea salt…ooh, heaven.


Hope you’re all enjoying the summer!


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