Workday lunch, served with a side of cranky

It’s been busy.  July was my turn to run the Same Day Sick Clinic, which is always a … “fun” time. . In case you can’t tell by my tone, I’m not a big fan of Same Day Sick.  I get that it’s important, and there are times when you see someone who is truly … Continue reading

Work snack

A short and sweet post, since I’m trying to catch up from vacation.  (Yes, you get vacation as a resident.  And if you’re lucky, your program will even allow you to pick WHEN you want to take it!)  (No, I’m not kidding – some programs will assign you when you can take vacation.  Sucks.) . … Continue reading

Escapist literature

If I were any good at being a food blogger (“flogger”), there is no way that I’d subject you to these pictures.  I mean…aluminum foil?  And what ARE those green things?  Where is the lush lighting, the gleaming white china platter, the…the food porn?? . I used to read a lot of food blogs, at … Continue reading

Don’t know why there’s no sun up in the sky….

Stormy weather, Since my man and I ain’t together, Keeps raining all the time…. . I’ve noticed that one of the things about hitting my late 20’s is that, if you’re not married but are currently dating, there are no good phrases to use to describe your…person.  “Significant other” is a mouthful.  “Special someone” just … Continue reading

Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls

Today was one of those strange, discombobulated days where everything felt weird.  It started out with a disorienting dream where I was dancing with James Earl Jones…on Satan’s grave.  (Don’t even ask.)  When I finally opened my eyes, I realized that the sound of James Earl Jones’s tap-dancing feet was, in reality, the sound of … Continue reading

Home call and Huevos Rancheros

I know, it looks like someone put a knife and fork on the dog’s foodbowl.  But, actually, it was pretty tasty.  Then again, you can’t really go wrong with eggs and tortillas. . I was on home call all day today, which basically entails sitting at home all day and waiting for something to happen. … Continue reading